Friday, 14 December 2012

A video that caught my eye

Why is it Dark at Night ?
Although this may seem as a simple question , there is actually a scientific reason that explains in , as shown by the creator of this video . I have been following this Youtube channel for some time already and his videos are not only entertaining , but also educational so i encourage you to go check his videos out :)

Things I learned from the video
1) The sky is blue during the day because sunlight scatters across the atmosphere
2) There is no edge to space
3) Stars and cosmic radiation is constantly moving faster and away from earth due to the universe constantly expanding

Places I like to go to in Singapore

View Places I like to go to in Singapore :) in a larger map
I love Sentosa because of all the facilities there . From luging to iFly to Universal studios , Sentosa is a place where i know that i cna go to have a great time . Marina Bay is just simply awesome . Have you went on the sky garden and the pool for a swim / to see the view ? its spectacular ! I enjoy going to Suntec City as my church ( City Harvest Church ) is where i can have a good time worshiping God :) 

About me

Hello ! My name is Sean Chiu Yan Ming and in school i dont really have a nickname ,( you can call me Sean ) but people normally associate me with Pandas as i have this little buddy named Pandey and a Dolphin named Dolphy ( dont judge me with my naming skills hahaha ) who have been with me since '09 . They are those two at the side :) People may say that im getting too old for these "kiddy stuff" but trust me , when you grow up with these guys , you really get attached to them and they become your "best friends ?" lol .
These two photos probably describe me in a nutshell and please take most of what i say with a grain of salt . I can also be really random so dont be surprised if i spout nonsense .

Growing up with 3 sisters ,who are all older than me , and no brothers , i am influenced a lot by them and i think i can be very emotional some times . Err.. awkward hahah ok moving on . Btw , i enjoy writing ( or typing in this case ) so most of my posts will be kinda long . 

I dont know why i made the word hobby bold but never mind .
Sports I play - Football,Sailing ,Frisbee , those are the sports i enjoy more most people would have swimming there but i dont really enjoy it XD

I love reading books ! Books are magical objects that can transport you away to another dimension , a world of fantasy and the best writers can transport you to another dimension and you really lose yourself . Good books evoke true emotion and leaves you satisfied and thinking of something that had happened in the book . I remember reading The Hobbit and quoting Gandalf ( epic wizard ) "True courage is not to take a life but to spare one" . Books are simply great . The best books have a meaning behind them , a message . I must say i enjoyed the Narnia series , Lord of the Rings , Legacies( I am number four - The rise of nine ) , Percy Jackson and the Carter x Kadie series . i absolutely love Artermis Fowl too . This list could go on forever but lets just stop it here :) .

Movies are also awesome . My favourite movies have to be Inception , Real Steel , Nemo , and The Amazing Spider Man .

I enjoy playing with lego and things like that , creating 3D models and stuff . I guess you could say im kinda artistic but i HATE drawing XD

Finally ! Its time for video games ! This is probably my favourite past time XD In my life , i have played so many video games . I own an xbox which is probably the best console especially with all my friends when the come over to play .I enjoy FPS(First Person Shooters) like Halo , Black Ops , Team Fortress 2 and a bit of Blackshot .I mainly like games that allow you to derp around and that allow you to just mess around . I also enjoy Minecraft which is probably my favourite game because it allows you to express your creativity and its such a awesome game haha.

How the adventure began

I really dont know what to type or post here so here goes -
I found out what was SST earlier in the year but i didn't really want to go to SST as I knew so little about the school . However , my mom encouraged me to go for the DSA test as i had nothing to lose . I didn't expect it but ... a few weeks after taking the test , the results came back and I got in ! Surprised but happy , I then researched more on the school , growing slightly more excited about going to the school . Weeks flew by and the next test had arrived . We had to build a bridge that would connect 3 "islands" represented by tables using materials supplied by the teachers that were with us  ; the bridges had to sustain as many marbles as possible before collapsing and we had a little period of time to brainstorm on our own before coming together as a group to choose the best course of action to take .  The general knowledge among us was that the middle of the bridge would be the weakest and we would have to provide the most support there . However we lost some time as we could not reach a consensus but finally we decided on the idea . I remember as i was cutting the corrugated boards to build the bridge , i cut my finger and held my team back i guess :( . I didnt bother going to the toilet to wash the cut as i knew that would hamper my team as one man less can make a large difference . Sadly , we didnt even manage to finish one side of the bridge after the timer ran out and we were told to go back to our seats and reflect . Next , we had a group discussion on the topic of culling of stray dogs . I took the sides of both why it was a move in the right direction and why it was a cruel thing to do . Finally , after we had all spoke our minds we were dismissed and left the classroom . Weeks passed , and PSLE was nearing . I went home one day and was greeted with a letter from SST saying that i was accepted ! I immediately called my parents to tell them the news and they were surprised , considering that our group had failed to get and marbles onto the bridge ! God is good ! ( im a christian :) I accepted the DSA offer and when the results came around , it was ample for getting me into SST and i was accepted . And that , is How the adventure began