Friday, 14 December 2012

About me

Hello ! My name is Sean Chiu Yan Ming and in school i dont really have a nickname ,( you can call me Sean ) but people normally associate me with Pandas as i have this little buddy named Pandey and a Dolphin named Dolphy ( dont judge me with my naming skills hahaha ) who have been with me since '09 . They are those two at the side :) People may say that im getting too old for these "kiddy stuff" but trust me , when you grow up with these guys , you really get attached to them and they become your "best friends ?" lol .
These two photos probably describe me in a nutshell and please take most of what i say with a grain of salt . I can also be really random so dont be surprised if i spout nonsense .

Growing up with 3 sisters ,who are all older than me , and no brothers , i am influenced a lot by them and i think i can be very emotional some times . Err.. awkward hahah ok moving on . Btw , i enjoy writing ( or typing in this case ) so most of my posts will be kinda long . 

I dont know why i made the word hobby bold but never mind .
Sports I play - Football,Sailing ,Frisbee , those are the sports i enjoy more most people would have swimming there but i dont really enjoy it XD

I love reading books ! Books are magical objects that can transport you away to another dimension , a world of fantasy and the best writers can transport you to another dimension and you really lose yourself . Good books evoke true emotion and leaves you satisfied and thinking of something that had happened in the book . I remember reading The Hobbit and quoting Gandalf ( epic wizard ) "True courage is not to take a life but to spare one" . Books are simply great . The best books have a meaning behind them , a message . I must say i enjoyed the Narnia series , Lord of the Rings , Legacies( I am number four - The rise of nine ) , Percy Jackson and the Carter x Kadie series . i absolutely love Artermis Fowl too . This list could go on forever but lets just stop it here :) .

Movies are also awesome . My favourite movies have to be Inception , Real Steel , Nemo , and The Amazing Spider Man .

I enjoy playing with lego and things like that , creating 3D models and stuff . I guess you could say im kinda artistic but i HATE drawing XD

Finally ! Its time for video games ! This is probably my favourite past time XD In my life , i have played so many video games . I own an xbox which is probably the best console especially with all my friends when the come over to play .I enjoy FPS(First Person Shooters) like Halo , Black Ops , Team Fortress 2 and a bit of Blackshot .I mainly like games that allow you to derp around and that allow you to just mess around . I also enjoy Minecraft which is probably my favourite game because it allows you to express your creativity and its such a awesome game haha.

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