Friday, 14 December 2012

How the adventure began

I really dont know what to type or post here so here goes -
I found out what was SST earlier in the year but i didn't really want to go to SST as I knew so little about the school . However , my mom encouraged me to go for the DSA test as i had nothing to lose . I didn't expect it but ... a few weeks after taking the test , the results came back and I got in ! Surprised but happy , I then researched more on the school , growing slightly more excited about going to the school . Weeks flew by and the next test had arrived . We had to build a bridge that would connect 3 "islands" represented by tables using materials supplied by the teachers that were with us  ; the bridges had to sustain as many marbles as possible before collapsing and we had a little period of time to brainstorm on our own before coming together as a group to choose the best course of action to take .  The general knowledge among us was that the middle of the bridge would be the weakest and we would have to provide the most support there . However we lost some time as we could not reach a consensus but finally we decided on the idea . I remember as i was cutting the corrugated boards to build the bridge , i cut my finger and held my team back i guess :( . I didnt bother going to the toilet to wash the cut as i knew that would hamper my team as one man less can make a large difference . Sadly , we didnt even manage to finish one side of the bridge after the timer ran out and we were told to go back to our seats and reflect . Next , we had a group discussion on the topic of culling of stray dogs . I took the sides of both why it was a move in the right direction and why it was a cruel thing to do . Finally , after we had all spoke our minds we were dismissed and left the classroom . Weeks passed , and PSLE was nearing . I went home one day and was greeted with a letter from SST saying that i was accepted ! I immediately called my parents to tell them the news and they were surprised , considering that our group had failed to get and marbles onto the bridge ! God is good ! ( im a christian :) I accepted the DSA offer and when the results came around , it was ample for getting me into SST and i was accepted . And that , is How the adventure began

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